Sunday, March 4, 2012

9 short months

My pregnancy was relatively uneventful. I only had "morning sickness" for 1 week. And I'm not even sure if that wasn't just the flu or something else. I was tired, but who wouldn't be with 2 active little guys running here and there and everywhere. I was concerned (to say the least) about this little ones' heart. In fact, if I was being honest, it consumed my mind more often than I hoped. Nate and I decided we'd like to wait until this gift was born to find out what we were having. I set my mind to it and did better than I thought I would with that decision. March rolled around and I approached the 19th week mark. We had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Cordes, Logan's cardiologist in Indianapolis. He was performing a fetal echo cardiogram. We never knew about Logan's heart condition until we met him face to face. We thought it best to be prepared this time around. God answered our prayers that day! Baby's heart was perfect!

Then came the 22nd week appt. Ultrasound day! We were both strong until the gal asked The Question. I looked at Nate and he said, "tell us". God far exceeded my dreams that day and we found out He blessed us with a baby GIRL!

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