Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend we went with friends to the Redwoods, about a 6 hour drive up Hwy 101. It was so gorgeous up there. We hiked through the enormous trees and the boys fished in a nearby river. They didn't catch anything but they had fun anyhow. Of course when you leave the security of home (with a hospital just 20 minutes from you) is when an illness usually strikes. We hadn't even been camping for 30 minutes when I noticed Logan had a bad fever and not long after that came the throwing-up part. I had realized the day before that there was a possiblity that Logan came in contact with the strep throat of course the worrying set it. We contemplated leaving but decided to give it a little time. By Monday he was back to normal with his healthy appetite back in buisness! Luke enjoyed riding his scooter with his friend Nathan and by the end of the weekend, he had made aquaintances with every near-by child.