Monday, May 3, 2010

"The Curious Savage"

Last week, Logan had the opportunity to participate in a production put on by Lakeland Christian Academy, a local high school here in town. The play took place in the 40's and was about a group of people living in a mental facility. Logan's "Mom" (pictured below) had lost her 5 year old tragically and afterwards, believed he was still alive. She carried around a doll who she believed was her son. At the very end of the play, all the characters are portrayed in the way they view themselves...with Logan sitting next to his Mom on the couch. He really liked it and thought he was pretty cool. Of course he got lots of attention from all the girls too. :) P.S. Doesn't Faith (below) look like she'd make a perfect princess at Disney World? Talk about a perfect smile!

This video is hard to see but you might be able to get the idea. All he had to do is come out and sit on the couch. He took his job very seriously though!