Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Small-Town thanks!

December is moving right along. I can’t believe next week is Christmas already! The boys and I have all been battling a cold since last week. Cough, sore throat, fevers…just another day in the midst of cold and flu season, right? It did give us an excuse to meet the dr that I tentatively chose while still in CA. Needless to say…we will NOT being sticking with her! During our visit, I was asking her about the closest children’s hospital, she was quick to answer that it was too far for her to drive to do rounds so she won’t admit there. Ummm, okay. As if that wasn’t enough, she then asked me if Logan had any respiratory issues. (Apparently she didn’t even glance at the sheet that the office gave me to fill out, let along the 100 pages I gave them previously to review!) I answered ‘yes’ of course and told her that he usually takes Albuterol when his cough becomes wheezy, etc. She decided to go ahead and “give that a try” and while taking out her Rx pad then asked me what dose she should prescribe for him. What!? She gave me a couple to choose from and I told her I wasn’t comfortable guessing. She then stood up and asked me to go through his chart and find his previous dose and that she would be back. Luckily her nurse (which seemed more qualified to care for my child than the dr was) had the idea to call Walgreens and ask what his previous Rx was and then ordered more based on that. Okay, thank you for your time. (NOT!) She wanted me to make appts with her every 3 months so that she can get to know us. Yeah right!! I quickly paid my copay and ran, not walked to the car with the kids. Dr. Warden…can you make house calls to Indiana…PLEASE??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Oh Christmas Tree"

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we took the boys along with our friends and their kids to cut down our own Christmas tree. The weather was absolutely perfect (considering the time of year and location in which we now live) and we all had a great time. We took a hayride out to the fields and took our time selecting the "perfect" tree. I can truely say that I've never seen a tree like ours before! Nate says it has 'character'. Ha ha! We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season! Merry Christmas to all of you! In His name...Love, The Maiers

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our new ride!

November started out pretty mellow in the Maier home. But with the holidays in full swing now, things are picking up. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with our friends from W. Sacramento who now live in Indianapolis temporarily. The weather was perfect for the 3 hour drive and our new minivan complete with a DVD player was the icing on the cake! Oh yea…a minivan people! We took the plunge and purchased this little beauty. I never thought I’d be a “minivan” mom but I have to tell ya…it’s the best thing! There’s so much room and did a mention the DVD player? Ahhh, silence on a 3 hour drive is priceless!