Monday, November 3, 2008

October Stuff

The boys have been having a blast with their new surroundings. There are bike and walking trails in Winona Lake so we've been exploring those and collecting leaves for projects. (Pics below.) They've been bike riding, go-cart riding, playing with friends, trick-or-treating (for the first time) and just enjoying being boys. My grandparents came for a week and the boys got to try their hand at fishing with their Papa. It's been fun watching them experience all of this through their eyes. It's more obvious each day that we made the right decision in moving. Luke is doing so well with preschool. I love his teacher, she is so caring and involved. It's everything I hoped for in a preschool. Logan is adjusting well with his children's church class. On the way home from church yesterday he told us about the story of Joshua and how God ordered him and his people to march around the walls of Jericho and the walls fell down. It was heart-warming to hear that he's really participating and learning bible stories. For the first time yesterday, he waved at me when I dropped him off and said "by Mom, have a fun day at church." I've been waiting 3 years for that! So things are settling down for the most part. We've had snow already but nothing that sticks. Nate's been so busy with work and has already been to Texas for 3 days and has another trip this month. I was able to escape and do a little shopping with my girlfriends this weekend. I finally purchased some long-sleeve shirts so I'm a little closer to being prepared for the weather we're having. Well, here are some recent pictures. Bye for now!