Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Little Racer"

We have a bike racer in the house! This weekend in Winona Lake was the annual Fat and Skinny Tire Festival. It offered bike stunts, yummy foods, the smell of Kettle Corn in the air and lots of bike races around the island. And who do we know as one of the racers?? None other than Lukas Anthony himself! After the "professionals" heat was finished they had a relay race for all the sponsors (one of them being Wildman Uniform-the place Nate works) and then the children's races. Luke entered in the 4-6 catagory and had so much fun! Nate was one of the organizers (note: it is no easy task to organize hundreds of anxious kids on bikes!) but he had fun doing it. Only draw back was that Logan got sooo upset when he discovered he couldn't race. You see, there's a strict "No Training Wheels" rule we didn't know about. Oops. :( But we're all so proud of our oldest "Little Racer"!

Gearing up and ready to race!

All lined up and ready!

Luke and Malachi walking their bikes back after finishing the race.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Visit From God

Logan amazes me and scares me all at the same time. I was washing the dishes the other day (April 29th to be exact) and he came into the kitchen. This conversation followed:

Logan: You missed Him.
Me: Who?
L: God.
Me: God was here…in our house?
L: Yep, you missed Him.
Me: Well nuts, I would’ve liked to say hello to Him!
L: He didn’t come here to see you Mom…He came to see me.
Me: What for?
L: He came to tell me that Jesus loves me.
(I played along and baited him a little…)
Me: How do you know Jesus loves you?
L: (slightly irritated at the stupidity of my question) Because He told me!...and the Bible tells me so! He also told me to get ready.
Me: For what?
L: Because I’m going to Heaven in 100 days.
Me: Oh! How exciting!
L: (very matter-of-factly) It really is Mom.
Me: Are you going by yourself? (I was worried a little.)
L: No-you and Daddy, Lukas, all my grandmas and grandpas and their moms and dads are coming with me.
Me: Awesome.
L: So what’s for lunch Mom?