Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Spring time smells like sports in our household now. Luke started the season off with a little flag football through the YMCA. He played for the 49ers (fitting!) and was a pro! He could run so fast that no one could catch him. He scored touchdowns left and right. He enjoyed playing quarterback but running-back was definitely his thing!

By the next week, both the boys started Little League. Luke and Logan both played for the Braves. Luke with coaches pitch and Logan with T-Ball. Nate was able to coach Logan's team this year as he did for Luke's T-Ball team in the past. Logan really enjoyed playing and made lots of new buddies! He's excellent at hitting and we're looking forward to watching him play coaches pitch next season. Luke did a great job too! His hitting was excellent and even surprised his coaches. His catching is right on as well! He started throwing a little side-arm this year for some reason and Nate's keeping an eye on that. He's pretty accurate throwing that way so it might just be his way of throwing. They draft in the big leagues next year and Coach Jason Fleming will be looking for him! We're all excited for next season!

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